Monday, January 4, 2010

Rose Bowl Parade Post Float Viewing

If you decide to go next year, here are a few things we learned.

1. You can buy tickets at the venue or through the website. If you buy advanced tickets through the website, it will cost you an extra $10 or so. Buying advanced tickets is supposed to save you time waiting in line at the venue, but we found out that if you go through the west gate near E Washington Boulevard, there's hardly a line at all.

2. Park-and-ride shuttles were provided at two locations but we were really glad we avoided the shuttles. The shuttle areas were such a mess, the roads surrounding them were clogged even for passersby. Instead, we parked near the venue on an off-street and walked the ten minutes. There were also enterprising people offering private parking for $5-$10. The lots near E Washington were pretty empty, even by 11.

3. Go early. We got there around 10 — by 10:30, the crowds were so thick, you could hardly move. There doesn't seem to be any attempts at crowd control at all.