Monday, March 15, 2010

LA is an Oil Town — Didn't You Know?

I found this out when, one day, we were using one of the side roads near LAX and I saw rows and rows of little oil rigs.  I was like, "What?  Are we in Texas?"  Turns out LA produces a hell of a lot of oil.  Only no one knows it.  Like who would know that the Beverly Center shopping mall is an actively drilled oil field?  And the famous Farmer's Market on Fairfax?  I didn't, and I've logged a helluva lot of hours at both malls!  There's even a building on Pico that's a complete facade — just there to hide the oil wells!

I found all this out watching a scrappy little documentary called "Uneven Terrain: Oil of L.A."  So worth watching just for the shock value!  I mean, LA is the third largest oil field in all of the friggin' US!  So my question is this:  how come LA is so dirt poor right now?  Where is the money going?  I feel like we're living in Nigeria!  My god, even the citizens of Saudi Arabia see something from their oil revenue:  no income tax, free medical and free education!  All we get is a lame-ass mayor who'd rather cut the education budget than his own expenses.  Oh — and the Oscars.

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