Saturday, April 17, 2010

Intelligentsia Update

The Pasadena Intelligentsia is going to serve food!  At least according to LA Eater.  I think that's a great idea!  Of course, only if the food is going to be good.  The pastry stuff they serve at the Silver Lake Intelligentsia is pretty blah.  And often stale.

Talking about Intelligentsia, I finally got to try their Venice Beach location.  Having been a regular at the Silver Lake location, the VB location seemed very strange.  Totally different feel and decor, which was all wood and high, exposed pipes ceiling aesthetics.  The pastry counter was also much bigger and the pastries looked really good (didn't get a chance to try any :( ).  The crowd was very different too.  No Hipsters.  Couldn't identify any writers.  Very dressed up in that 90210 way.  And every fifth person seemed to have those bulky SLR pro cameras around their neck (girls too).  Was it Bring Your Camera To Work Day?  The only thing the two locations had in common was their bathrooms — totally out of paper towels.  Who had the better cappuccino?  I'm going to have to say Venice Beach.  I think that was the best cappuccino I've ever had.

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Cafe Observer said...

Coffee shops, like biz in general, should stick with what they do best. Blah and stale food is often what you get with your better drinks at these joints.