Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Personal

Sooner or later, you decide on a new look. Here's mine.

1. Upgraded my eyeliner.
2. Got persuaded into a "The OC" haircut. Hair now too long and getting my neck hot and itchy. Decide not really suited for long "TV" hair. Don't have money to get it fixed.
3. Need more sunscreen: freckles and sun spots getting out of control.
4. Suddenly have an irrational desire to get a tattoo. A tiny Chinese dragon on the left hip? Or maybe a cup of coffee?


Unlike NYC or London, you don't have to call weeks in advance to make a hair appointment. Usually can get one in 24 hours.

Even the homeless have a style statement.

Restaurants close early. Real Early.

There seems to be more good looking guys in LA than anywhere else in the world.

There really are blond surfer dudes! The LAX Avis rental center has one making balloon dogs. I got a poodle.

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