Monday, May 3, 2010

The Market Grill

I guess this is an update to my big hot dog post.  The Market Grill has a lot more than hot dogs, including sandwiches and hamburgers, but it was the hot dogs that interested us because of the unusual buns.  Instead of serving their dogs on the traditional rolls, The Market Grill uses homemade New England style hot dog buns.  The difference?  The New England style buns are split on the top and the sides don't have any crust.  So it's sort of like rolling the dog in a thick slice of toasted bread.

Pretty much everything at the Market Grill seems to be homemade.  The owner mans the grill and his wife makes all the rolls, which ended up being a problem on the day we went because they'd sold out of all but one roll!  The dangers of making sure you only serve fresh food.  I have to say the Grill's dogs were very good, the inside of the buns grilled with butter.  The only complaint I had was with the dog itself, which was a bit flabby in taste.  The nice thing is that the dog is around $4 and comes with a huge side of absolutely fabulous french fries.  (Warning about the homemade lemonade — it's flavored with mint and artificial sugar.)

Overall, I thought the Market Grill was a great place and I want to go back soon!

The Market Grill
525 S Shamrock Ave
Monrovia CA  91016
626 303-4314


Cafe Pasadena said...

thanks for the heads up about the hot dogs in Monrovia. how long they been in biz?

you're well on your way to being a food blogger! can you bake?

J.A. Pak said...

About 6 months from what I understand. I hope you go. The owners are really sweet and it'd be nice to keep them in business. They're sort of in the middle of nowhere.