Sunday, May 23, 2010

Parking Hell

We've had two parking tickets in three years and it's always at Silver Lake.  Specifically, at Sunset and Hyperion, near Intelligentsia.  I guess everyone has their parking hell hole, and this is ours.

The first time, the sign was vandalized and we couldn't read the parking times.  We filed a complaint with L.A.  They claimed they never got it and so we had to pay.  This time, the sign was over the hill so we didn't see it.  What's really irritating is that we wouldn't have gotten a ticket if we hadn't waited around for Ricky's Taco Stand to show up!  (Which it never did — the ticket was for $55 so it was the friggin' most expensive fish taco we NEVER ate.)  Man, some days, it just doesn't pay to leave the house.  Screammmmmmmmmmmmmming my head off!!!!!!


Geoff said...


J.A. Pak said...

Double sucks.

Cafe Observer said...

Nowadays, the taco trucks are so many they come to you. No need to go into LA.

Geoff said...

@Cafe Observer: Pasadena doesn't have any quality Ensenada-style fish tacos . . . that I'm aware of, at least. Suggestions welcome, though!

BTW, I have yet to find truly outstanding tacos in Pasadena. The best I've had so far were from the Tacos El Gallito truck (the yellow one at S Fair Oaks and E Bellvue). But the tacos at Cacao Mexicatessen in Eagle Rock are in a different league. Again, suggestions welcome!